Duzce Float Glass


Founded by Kasım Aktaş in 2005 to meet the flat glass and architectural glass needs of our country, Düzce Float Glass has become one of the world's leading glass manufacturers in the glass industry.

Since its establishment, Düzce Float Glass has been sustainably maintaining its rapid growth power with its innovative management approach blended with years of experience and continuous investments.

The secret of the company's success is the application of the latest trends and production technologies and innovations in its production lines with its dynamic management team. Our goal is to detect and invest in sustainable new generation initiatives in glass production early. In addition, our expanding and maturing corporate memory, which includes the decisions taken in the history of our company and the results they bring, is an important value of ours. It is our priority to transfer and maintain our corporate memory to our talented young employees.

Düzce Float Glass, with its factory established on an area of ​​468,000 m2 in Düzce with integrated production facilities and over 500 employees, sells 21 product types including flat glass, colored glass, coated glass, laminated glass and mirror products to more than 25 countries. exports.



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