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Climatic Glass

In the production of climatic glass, the glass is coated with thin films, and in the climatic winter series products, heat loss through the glass is prevented in the space; In the climatic summer series products, heat loss through the glass is prevented in the relevant space as well as the use of air conditioner in these spaces is reduced by controlling the heating solar rays from outside, and thus, it is ensured to increase the energy performance. Glass produced for this purpose is coated with the non-line physical scattering method. Multilayer climatic glass is produced through the layers that are coated in each chamber. Climatic glass produced by Düzce Cam A.Ş. is subjected to quality control at the visible region wavelength through the online spectral measurement system, called Ex-Situ.

  • Areas of Use  

    Increasing urbanization and the concentration of the workforce in the higher buildings detract the architects from the projects in which the living and working buildings are mainly composed of walls and nontransparent structural units like walls. For this reason, the living and working areas which make positive contributions to human beings, have saving approaches in use of energy and where people can see nature increase. Climatic coated glass produced by Düzce Cam A.Ş. can be easily used in the residents and commercial buildings.

  • Technical Properties  

    Climatic double glazing is the insulating glass unit formed by combining two or more glass plates (at least one of which is plated with climatic coating glass), produced by Düzce Cam A.ş., at the factory conditions by creating double glazing and in such a way that they include gas (gas mixture) at the separation line as proper to the pressure under normal conditions.

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