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Our Quality Policy

1-      Always increasing product quality by complying with national and international standards.

2-      Improving range of products for the purpose of meeting customer needs and expectations on a superior level.

3-   Improving competitive edge by keeping up with the technological developments and using positive values on efficiency – cost parameters.

4-      Always improving efficiency of quality management in parallel to our new planned investments and expanding organization.

5-      Complying with QMS, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Energy laws and values.

6-  Always improving performance of Qualitiy, Environment, QMS, OHS, Energy and Information Management Systems.

7-      Reducing wastes generated during our operations at source, recovering and recycling such wastes, and, if not possible, disposal of such wastes according to environmental legislations.

8-      Creating a reliable work environment and minimizing risks in order to prevent occupational diseases and work accidents of the sector at source.

9-      Efficiently using resources, energy and raw materials.

10-  Systematically managing the risks to information assets.

11-  Bearing in mind environment, occupational health and safety while selecting raw materials and technology; supporting supply of energy efficient products, equipment and services as well as design activities that improve our energy performance.

12-  Regularly revising goals and targets in order to assure supply of sufficient resources (know how, experts and economic resources etc.) for achieving these goals and targets.


13-  Ensuring participation of our employees and suppliers to the quality management system, improving their environmental sensitivity and raising awareness about a reliable work environment.